Artist Statement

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein


There is no greater profession than to be an artist. To be an artist is to be a god; you show glimpses of your soul to others. Art is a universal language. There are many purposes art serves, and an artist with vision cannot be legislated into any one of them. Many styles/modes of expression are necessary to convey the vast array of human experience.

My art is an attempt to inspire, reflect personal values, or to make the viewer think/feel. A person should be changed by having seen a piece of art. Painting is the cheapest form of travel available to me: it takes me places that could not exist in our reality. What frustrates me are the unwritten rules so many artists unknowingly ascribe to. Why should logic ever enter into the picture? Light doesn’t need to obey the laws of physics. Why only one horizon line? Why must pictures be square or rectangular? Logic doesn’t need to exercise its rigidity on my creativity. I’m not interested in McArt. I don’t want to paint a horse in a field unless I can paint it blue and set it on fire. There is so much ugliness in the world I choose to use my art to remind people how gorgeous the human soul can be, how limitless. Michelangelo said, “it is the eye that judges”, he was right. I’m always seeking new ways to express myself. Ultimately, I believe the measure of an artist isn’t merely the work that s/he produces, but also the work s/he inspires which is why I teach, and am teachable.

Short Info

B.Ed with distinction double-majoring in English and Art from the University of Victoria, BC.
Over 17 years of teaching experience
Artistic Practice
A self taught painter and artist with over 17 years of professional art practice