Often I am commissioned to do a variety of art projects; murals, paintings, t-shirt designs, and CD covers. Please contact me directly, so we can discuss your project. For contact information please visit the “contact” page.

Art for Purchase

I enjoy the personal touch of selling my work directly to the consumer, but I do not frame it because there is no guarantee my choice in framing will be to your taste. My prices include the cost of shipping and handling in Canadian funds. Investors find my asking prices reasonable as I do not make any reproductions, prints, or lithographs of any kind. Every painting is irreplaceable and unique.

Art is available on a first come first serve basis. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery and know that shipping and handling costs are incorporated into the price. Possible time delays allow for safe transfer of funds, and may vary due to the shipping destination.

Short Info

Custom Artworks
Commissions for one-of-a-kind artworks
Large scale projects & murals
T-shirts & CD Covers
Custom works created for t-shirts & CD covers


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