Bunny Business

This painting is inspired by childhood, and the wonder of magic. When I was little, I was a hyperactive creature, so my mother and I would often visit the rabbit pen to calm me down. Bunny business is an experimental piece that looks at the different ways the concept of “rabbit” might be expressed, and the secret lives bunnies might lead. The painting started with a rabbit in a tree of stars. It evolved to include a bunny professor that teaches young rabbits to become invisible, and to jump out of magic hats. From there, a dust bunny emerged, and then a bunny who couldn’t sleep (probably because he was late for an important date). The giant lop-eared bunny that oversees the rabbit goings-on is their God. Other bunnies are hidden everywhere as they are made curious by all the “bunny business.”

Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 18″
© 2009 Fame Mackney